Personalised Your Greeting Cards
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Personalise Your Greeting Cards

Your cards can be personalized, i.e. printed, with your name and address along with a message from this book. Our cards are divided into numerical groups according to their sizes. The group number precedes the serial number, e.g. 38-5212, 56-5215 and so on. 38 and 56 are group numbers indicating the size of the card and 5212, 5215 are the card numbers. To personalize your cards a minimum quantity of 100 and multiples of 50 cards (i.e. 150, 200, 250 etc.) should be ordered.

Vakil's services include
– Commercial and Financial Printing
– Book Printing
– Packaging
– Digital Printing
– Greeting Card, Wedding and Calendar Publishing

Vakils has been the recipient of several national awards for excellence in printing.

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