1946  Incorporate of Vakil & Sons Pvt. Ltd., a private limited company
1949  Mehta Family of South Africa took controlling interest in Company
1957  Received the first of several National Awards for excellence in printing from then Vice President of India,
 Dr. S. Radhakrishan
1962  Set up an additional printing facility at Prabhadevi, Central Mumbai – the present location.Installed modern
 offset presses at this location
1963  Entry into the field of greeting card publishing. Considered as pioneers of greeting cards in India
1965  Installed a modern processing department, one of the first of its kind in India.The Company purchased 40%
 stake in Vakils, Feffer & Simons Pvt. Ltd., a joint Indo-American venture, engaged in the business of book
1967  Pioneered the introduction of humorous card in India called “ Frolic Card" with help of designer Mickey Patel
1970  Major expansion of offset printing facility
1980  Installed a sophisticated phototypesetter LINOTRON 202, one of the first of its kind in India
1981  Order from UNICEF for two Christmas Cards. This is the first time that UNICEF placed an order from a
 developing country
1982  Received an award for book designing from Leipzig International Book Design Company
1985  Received an award for the being outstanding employer of physically handicapped people
1986  Printed a “History of the Congress" in three volumes. A prestigious publication for the Government of India,
 which was released by then Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi
1994  Appointed Indian affiliates of Bowne & Co. Inc, the world’s largest financial printers
1998  Foray into International Premedia pre-press services
2001  Co-founded Softype, Inc., a company in Palo Alto, USA, thus gaining a foothold in the US markets
2005  Incorporation of Vakils Premedia. Shifting our registered office from South Mumbai to Central Mumbai – our
 present location
2006  Phasing out of certain production facilities to enable the organization to avail modern technology and
2008  Installation of a state of art five color offset press from Japan
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